Technical Analysis, Fundamental Anlysis, and Sentiment Analysis for Forex Trader

When I began to study to trade Forex, I studied all three subjects: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Sentiment Analysis.

There is no question that the Forex Market is a NEWS driven market so the Fundamental Analysis seems more sense to analyze the Forex.

But I figure it out that as a Day Trading, I do not have much knowledge, time and experience to really follow the trend rather than I usually guess (too much gamble) the trend based on my Fundamental Analysis. After 2 years, I realized that Only Smart Money(BIG BANK, BIG INSTITUTION) can do it.

The Fundamental Analysis has a cons that until the time you know it. It is too late to act. OR even the News is not true, you may bet on the wrong side.

It has an advantage so that if we become good at it, we can can predict or follow the trend of the market at the very early stage of developing a new trend. It take a lot of work if one wants to become good by using it.

Therefore, I decide to learn all three subjects: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Sentiment Analysis. And get some mentor from Professional Trader.

I use my Technical Analysis, indicator, patters to build my system, and signals to follow the trend based on science, and high probability. To build a plan, stop loss and target.

I use my Fundamental Analysis to know if there is anything I should pay attention. Does my plan fit with economic data? and a lot of things...

I use my Sentiment Analysis to know my opponents, the greed and fear in the market.

After all, I never guess the trend but follow the trend by using my system's signal to detect the footprint.

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