USDJPY Analysis: 02/24/19

For the UsdJpy, I have two strategies, which will be used depend on the price action, indicators and my system.

Strategy 1: Use H4 Chart for Scalping in the trading range.
- The price was forming the symmetrical triangle during the last two weeks.
- Right now, the price is at the lower of triangle which can be buy if the support is hold.
- Otherwise, if the price is break above or below the symmetrical triangle I will sell or buy depend on it.

USDJPY Scalping Strategy

Strategy 2: Trend trading using Daily Chart

- After the flash crash, the price is back above the 110.00 level
- I am waiting if the price is back near the trend line 1 near the level 110.00.
- If the price is hold which indicates strong support, I will buy.

USDJPY Trending Strategy

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